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The Dragon’s Hoard | 60 Metal Coins in Leather Pouch


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Fake Monsters, Real Loot

The adventurers have made their way through the Swamp of Suffering, slain Thraxis the Green Dragon, and finally kneel at the throne of Prince Darius. Back in the day, you might have given your players XP and gold like you’d assign math homework. Now, with the Dragon’s Hoard from Stratagem, your games will be heavier than the coffers of the Goblin King! Sixty sturdy, authentic metal coins bring weight and immersion to all your adventures. Plus, a real leather pouch will let you flaunt your fancy coinage wherever your quest takes you.

Why You’ll Love It

Whether buying your party’s first pony or haggling over Lord Hethrid’s enchanted scythe, there’s nothing more satisfying than slamming real coinage on the table. Ten gold dragons, twenty silver Kraken, and thirty bronze stags mean there’s enough to go around, plus a little extra for when the chaotic neutral rogue skims off the top. The high-quality components and captivating design will be sure to put the game in your hands.

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