7 Reasons Your Grown Up Kids Don’t Need Advice

7 Reasons Your Grown Up Kids Don’t Need Advice

7 Reasons Your Grown Up Kids Don't Need Advice

7 Reasons Your Adult Children Don't Need Advice contains 7 reasons in different chapters that parents need to understand why their children don't listen to them, understanding why it will help parents understanding their children and provide them with good guidance with understanding.

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7 Reasons Your Grown Up Kids Don’t Need Advice
Parenting is a beautiful experience. Having your child grow up in front of your eyes from a little baby to a teenager, adult, and beyond is quite an exciting experience. The relationship dynamics change as the child grows from a dependent baby to hopefully a responsible and independent adult. That would be the hope of healthy parenting. There is obviously a generation gap between children and parents. As a child grows up, a parent grows up too. The needs of both parties change every few years, and sometimes conflicts would arise between parents and children. A parent loves his or her child, and he or she would want the best for them. Sometimes, children may not be understanding their parents well enough as they don’t think the parents are trying to instruct them out of love. The child doesn’t see it that way and becomes rebellious and disobedient. Hence, a communication gap is created between parents and children, and that gap would widen as time goes on. That poses a set of problems between parents and their growing children. We see both parents and children throwing tantrums. It becomes a tussle about who is right and who is wrong. so with tiny little, investment this book will help the parents to understand how can they avoid conflict and argument and at the same time providing love, support, and advice that their children need with understanding.

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