What are Child Developments Needs?

What are child development needs

In this Era, where parents and kids are aggressive in diverse ways, parents keep wondering what their kids need. But there is a clear answer to it. 

Following studies and research over the years, the following eight essentials have been identified as the kid’s requirement for them to become happy and prosperous adults.

The eight things that kids need to thrive include:

Security– kids need to feel safe and secure while getting their basic needs met. One of the critical roles for parents is creating a safe environment for kids. With safety, they have the freedom to grow, learn, and explore boundaries. Failure to do this will lead to fear and anxiety, which might deter health growth. Some of the great ways to make your child feel secure are by having time for them, talking to them, and laughing together. Time spent together translates to security. 

Love – showing and extending love to your kids will help the parent to overcome most of the parenting mistakes. Even at times when your child has disobeyed, frustrated, rebelled, or angered you, show them, love, it will go a long way in collecting the child’s behavior. When your kids fall, you need to be there to offer them a steady hand, pick them, dust them, and give them hope to start all over again. That is unconditional love for your kids, irrespective of the prevailing circumstances. It gives them a reason to smile and move on. 

Emotional support- words from parents should be encouraging to their kids. It will not only help them boost their self-esteem but ultimate independence and trust. Kids need emotional support, for their parents. Just holding their hands and walking along with them shows your kids the much you love them. In regards to child development, emotional support makes a massive difference for your kid.

Consistency – parents should weigh their parenting skills to ensure only positive values are consistently passed to their kids. Parents should steadily hold boundaries and test the child limits from time to time.  Similar way you double-check to see if you locked a door- you know you closed it, but confirming it makes you feel safer. Being consistent will show your kids how much you care about their well being. Strike a balance between mercy and justice.  When your child goes wrong, you must not always correct them through punishment. The child also needs to experience your mercy at times. Train them to have a better understanding that we can still mess up, and there is always forgiveness.

Stability – it comes from the community and family. Typically, a stable family will remain together in the same household. However, at times that might not be possible, but you should only disrupt the kid’s way of life in the least way possible. Family and community should be the larger unit united to give hope to the kids and a sense of belonging for cultural and traditional continuity. Keep good times rolling with your kids, irrespective of the prevailing circumstances. Have time to laugh with them, smile, be kind to your kids, play with them, and be at their level. Remember, your kids’ behavior is significantly based on their parents. Providing them with a happy time will give them the joy to overcome any instability and gain eventual health growth.

Education– ensuring that your kids get the best education guarantees them a better future. It is not limited to school alone but also invaluable life lessons you give when spending time together. Praise your kids irrespective of position at school, and this gives them a sense of self-worth. Always appreciate their efforts loudly and have pride in their least improvements. Your verbal encouragement will provide them with the drive they need to soar higher in their academic journey.  Not all kids are meant to top their classes. Look at their talents and appreciate them for who they are. If your kid realizes you understand who they are, they will endeavor to be best at it. Identify their abilities and help them to achieve it. 

 Structure– refers to the limits, rules, and boundaries. Were it not for them, and kids would be compelled to be adults before they are ready for it, and they end up lacking respect for the adult. You kids have a lot in their mind to say, have time to listen to them. Even if what they say may not make sense, have time to listen to them, you will eventually learn who your kid is or who they will become. Give your kids the freedom to talk about anything under the sun, and they will ultimately build trust that will be beneficial to everyone.

Positive role models – to start with, parents are the first role models for their kids. Instill values and let your kids learn to empathize with others. Help them grow to be the person they want to become. Through the role models, they will be able to achieve a significant purpose in life. The goal comes with high security, knowing they will be able to make much in life. So, letting your kids have positive role models will positively impact them as they endeavor to achieve the heights of their mentors. 


With all these essential needs of your kid taken care of, your kid will feel secure, and they will be better at anything they do. Raising your kid in a stable environment gives relief from any anxiety, and they have a higher sense of security. Similarly, a kid who experiences instability at an early age is likely to experience stress that negatively impacts their well-being and development. Above all, the essential need is time. Without adequate time with your kids as a parent denies you a pleasant time and parenting privileges. Also, the kids miss out on the vital needs you would deliver through your presence as a parent. Time is the ultimate cure to most of the parenthood dilemmas. Indeed, it is time you spend with your kids that provide them with all the essential needs for their all-round development.

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