Best Toys That Can Help To Flexible Your Child’s Mind

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Can you be able to improve your child’s IQ? The child’s IQ can be raised by several points when you start doing something when they are still young. In this article, we will discuss top toys that can help flexible your child’s mind. Besides making the mind of your child flexible, toys act as powerful tools for learning. They can help kids develop: language skills, spatial reasoning, hand-eye coordination, engineering skills, and social competence and motor skills.

Where do you Find Toys?

  1. Amazon

Amazon is an online hub for toys, activities, and games for all ages. On this giant online retail, you’ll find competitive prices, board books for newborns, learning games for kids and toddlers, and safe toys. Also, your payment methods are secure

customer product reviews that indicate the platform as a reliable source of various commodities, including the toys. Importantly, if you are Amazon Prime members, you get free two-day shipping.

  • Shop Disney

All the kid’s favorite characters in Disney world are here in the form of toys. You’ll find them in action figure, plushie, or a playset form Disney’s online shop.

 Disney merchandise is authentic online merchandise; you can dash promptly using your phone and secure a kid’s cool toy. 

You have an option to make a 30-day return, and you enjoy available express delivery

  • Buy Buy baby

Here you’ll find toys galore, from teethers to activity books. This retailer has a fantastic selection of toys of all ages specializing in everything for kids. In no time simply filter through by brand or price, age stage, or even gadget type.

The retailer has baby registry offers given, a free 180-day return in addition to free shipping for orders above $39


You’ll find top toy brands at unbeatable prices. Here big brands are found like VTech, Evenflo, Baby Einstein, and Fisher-Price. Walmart has the lowest minimum purchase amount to qualify for free shipping and free returns

Free shipping is available for orders $35, and above, they also offer a baby registry


It produces high-quality, trending toys that little kids love. Fisher-price has been a trusted name for kid’s toys and playsets for decades. Toys for all ages are available. Access them via mobile app games and activities are available flat-rate shipping applies to all goods in addition to 30-day returns

Remote Control Toys

Gifting a remote-control car will help them develop cognitive and motor skills. The RC car is enjoyable and fun for kids, as it will make them spend time on the playground. Putting into consideration the age of your kid is the first step before buying an RC car. Ease of usage, durability, and safety of the toy needs to be looked at. To keep your child engaged for extended battery life is a crucial element and priority. It should be rechargeable as well as long-lasting.

Best Remote -Control Cars 2020

  1. Mercedes Benz AMG

It comes with an electric foot pedal and a 2.4G remote control. If kids are unable to control independently, they will remotely by using the remote. The toy comes in just one color, pink. The electric toy car is propelled to and fro by two 12V motors. You can play baby music on the MP3 socket on the steering wheel, which is multifunctional. The size of this toy is comparatively small, and the remote control has two speeds.


  • The steering wheel is multifunctional
  • The remote control has two-speed
  • Electric foot pedal
  • Propelled by two 12v motors
  • Manually opening doors


  • The size is tiny, and most kids will not fit inside correctly.

2.Moderno Kids Explorer

The explorer will fit in two kids at the same time. Features for safety like braking and seat belts that are perforated has been added. It has a stop button on the remote if your child’s control of the car gets out of hand. Battery capacity is big and making it last long without kids’ play interruption. It has forward and reverses options, powered by two powerful motors. The toy comes with a shock absorber and a long-range remote control.


  • Battery with large capacity
  • Very reliable braking
  • Wide tires giving the car excellent traction
  • The remote control that is a long-range
  • Gradual acceleration


For ease of assembly, upgrade the instruction manual.

Kids of all ages

In addition to safety measures, a good toy should match the development stage of the kid as well as their emerging abilities. However, you can also use a majority of the items found at home as playing materials for the kids. For instance, bottle caps, boxes, and plastic bowl, amongst other things that your kids will deem as treasures.

Kids have interests in looking at what other people are doing and taking notes using their eyes. Mostly, they prefer bright colors and faces. Good toys for kids should have:

  • Visual parts such as pictures for them to look at.
  • Things to listen to including poems, recordings, lullabies, and nursery rhymes for the kid to get entertainment.
  • Parts they can reach and hold, make noise with, such, and shake.

Action Figure

They come in varieties such as the batman, Tron, and the pale man. The majority of the action accessories cost between $* and $12. You can easily find the toys online on the platforms highlighted previously, such as Amazon and eBay. For standardization purposes, most of the action toys companies make 6 feet tall dolls. 

Shop by Age

The toy you buy should match the age of your kid. However, irrespective of the period, the toys should be safe. They should have no sharp parts; paints should be non-toxic and should be easy to clean.

Small kids like looking around at people, getting them a toy with beautiful colors will work well.

Older kids will turn to movers, therefore going for bouncing or creeping toys suits them well. For kids above one year, they are already on the go. They can comfortably walk while trying to enjoy stories and first words. Board books and photograph objects would work pretty well for them 

Final line

Toys play an avital role in the growth of your kid. However, it is worth remembering that the toys will experience wear and tear, and it might turn to be a hazard for your kid. Therefore, it is worth checking on your toys frequently to ensure they are in good condition and if they need any repairs.


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