Is it Necessary to Teach Spiritual lessons To Your Child?

Child Inner World

Human beings are spiritually connected. Even if you don’t believe in a supreme being then there is I need to teach your child some spiritual lessons. You should let your child know that life is sacred and nature has some reference to the goodness that life brings. Additionally, it has been argued that spiritual development needs for a child should not be overlooked. Therefore, parents should ensure that the young generation has a quality of life in all aspects. The existence of God is based on personal belief but the bottom line is that universe has some invisible force.

What is a spirit

A spirit is believed to be a force that has some influence on the life of people. It is responsible for the expression of the mood of the person because it doesn’t exist in the form of matter but it involves the mind and the soul. Religious denominations believe that supernatural beings exist in the spirit and they greatly influence their choices and lifestyles. Therefore, the belief that there is a spirit is the backbone of spirituality. However, there can be good and bad spirits. The good spirit is related to holiness and the bad ones are related to evil things. When nature behaves in a certain way most people are way too quick to attribute the behavior to the spirits.

They believe that just like human beings the spirits can be happy or annoyed based on the actions of human beings. That is why spirituality emphasizes that we should honor the spirits. This draws a line that these spirits are within and they watch it everything that we do.

Importance of the spirit

The spirit has lots of benefits when it comes to the spiritual world. Let us have a look at its importance.

It gives spiritual Gifts

The spirit provides the manifestation of spiritual gifts. Well, these are abilities that are vested in a person to help in making life better. This is the reason why people have different talents and capabilities. These abilities are natural and they can’t be transferred from one person to another. You only need to know your gift and make use of it.

It is a source of wisdom and power

The spirit establishes a connection that brings wisdom and power. You can be able to have a deep knowledge of issues that allows you to make a proper decision. This gives you the power of the mind.

It influences your feelings

You must have heard people saying that they are in high spirits. The implication is that the spirit determines our moods and the way we feel. Sometimes you are happy or you could be feeling low. This has all to do with your emotions in a particular situation. It can also be seen as a gateway to different kinds of behaviors that you see all around. All of them are the inner manifestation of the spirit.

Spiritual Training In children

Spiritual Training is a parental obligation that should be fulfilled with lots of commitment. The children have spiritual needs and parents should begin to the training once they can discern what is right and wrong. This is normally at the age of 2 years when a child is set towards development. Therefore, during this time the basic way to start the spiritual Training is you leading as an example. Children are very sensitive to the environment in which they are subjected and they can easily adapt behaviors without the knowledge of the parents.

Therefore, as a parent ensure you are Keen on how you conduct yourself when you are with your child. It is during such a tender age that you expose your child to meditation, books, plays along with other activities that will help him to know that there is a supreme being. Don’t neglect the fact that the spirit brings a connection between the child and spirituality which helps the child to deal with the inner world.

Tips for parents on how to teach their child to deal with the inner world

Parents have a responsibility to teach their children how to deal with their inner world. Here are a few guidelines.

Play with your child

Most parents usually have tight schedules but you need to dedicate your time to play with your child for at least 20 minutes. Don’t take much control you should let you child take the lead to allow his natural thought and feelings to come into play. This uninterrupted playing experience allows your child to express their imaginations and intentions which makes them learn how they can trust themselves and gain confidence in decision making and creativity.

Allow your child to have various sensory sensations.

Don’t restrict your child from creating a mess by playing with mud or water because the environment offers the required resources which prompts imagination and how people feel. By allowing your child to use the available resources in having a bath, molding, soothing and any kind of activity then your child will develop an effective strategy on how to cope with their emotional state. Coloring and prodding clay are some of the repetitive motions that help in soothing their limbic system which allows your child to develop some sense of calmness.

Facilitates problem-solving through art

You can help your child to develop some problem-solving skills and emotional response through arts because it helps in controlling the limbic part of their brain which brings forth emotional responses. This technique is soothing to your child because it regulated the way in how they express their feelings which helps them to stay calm. The child is more likely to develop problems solving skills when he is feeling calm and safe. For instance, you can ask your child to draw a different ending to their fights with their siblings and how it will look like when the whole issue is resolved.

Read with your child

The best time to engage your child in reading is before bedtime. The storytime session is very effective in learning about language, problem-solving skills, and social interactions. When you discuss the characters in different story setting then you are creating a conducive environment where you can Bond with your child. You will also help in enhancing creativity as they try to relate to the characters. This is a non-threatening way in which you can learn about effective communication, emotions, and behaviors.

Track your child feelings verbally

You can help your child to develop verbal and emotional language by engaging them verbally. This gives you a good platform to take note of their emotions, behaviors, intention, and feelings

.It is important to know that without much involvement in the child’s life you may never know her weaknesses and strengths. There could be some strange behavior that could have been corrected effortlessly. Therefore, take your time and stroke a conversation irrespective of the murmuring and improper speech your child will get to learn verbal skills which will help express her emotions.

Activities that help your child to deal with the inner and outer world.

Some activities can help your child to deal with both the inner and outer world. Take a look.

Using bells or chimes

Listening is a skill that helps your child to develop mindfulness which will be very essential in dealing with the inner and outer world. Let your child focus on what they hear. The them that you are going to make a sound and they should listen carefully. They should be able to hear the sound until they can no longer hear it. This implies that they are deeply meditating.

Take a walk around the neighborhood

Children are very curious hence you should take them for a walk around the neighborhood. They will spontaneously notice strange things in the environment even the sounds from woodpeckers and frogs.

Use of art

Buying crayons for your child is not only meant to develop drawing skills but it also helps in building the capacity of your child to establish the connection between their thoughts and actualize what they think. This also helps in building psychomotor skills as the child develops creativity.

Reading books

Some books have been specifically written to help the kids build their inner and outer worlds. Therefore, as a parent, you should help your child in reading such books by helping them to understand so that they can get the concept from the book.

Taking deep breaths without talking.

Teach your child to take deep breaths without talking to help them reflect in their inner world. It gives them some sensational thought that will graduate build a sense of self-worth and by doing it daily your child will be able to deal with the inner world and become better.

Take your child for karate training

The concept behind martial arts is to help your child deal with the inner and outer world because it teaches them wisdom, self-defense, and meditation.


Teaching your child spiritual lessons is a way of equipping them so that they can deal with both the inner and the outer world. Therefore, you need to be a responsible parent and add value to the life of your child so that he can become a better person in the future.

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