A Quick Guide For Your 2 Year Old And Up Old Child To Read Faster

Child Learning Plan

Reading is one of the most important children’s skills, that allows them to get information from books and Internet sources and gain school program knowledge. The first assessment and the results of the graduation exams, University admission, and success in professional life depends to a large extent on fast reading skill.

Reading is very important for a child’s comprehensive development. It is not surprising that even adults take speed reading courses to increase their own productivity at work. Taking into account the fact that children soak up language like sponges, it makes sense to teach them to read from an early age. Moreover, now there are so many tools that allow you easily to learn letters and sounds and practice reading using modern techniques in the form of a game and gadgets to make the proceeds more flexible.

Everyone knows that it’s not easy to encourage your child to read. Kids prefer games and care less about reading. Some children have difficulties in learning. The problem of delayed learning disability is quite common among modern children. But parents can help their child reading fast and boost the skill from the lowest level to the highest within only one month using special technics.

Here are some tips that help to improve your child’s reading ability:

  1. Set a regular time for reading activities. You must set a specific reading time. To achieve results, you will have to practice on a regular basis, while it is enough for just 15 minutes a day, 3-4 times a week if you use a high-quality technique and you have a certain children s learning plan.
  2. Show enthusiasm and cheer up the child while reading activities. The learning process becomes much more effective if the child experiences positive emotions while reading. The child is more enthusiastic about the work if it is praised. Child success depends on his parents’ positive attitude to the process of learning and results.
  3. Diversify reading material and use everyday activities to learn new words. Learning to read becomes more natural if the educational material is not limited to children’s books. Learn new words by reading them on price tags in supermarkets, on restaurant menus, on billboards, candy wrappers, etc. Learning can take place everywhere and can be presented in the form of a game. You can use every available minute while you are standing in line at the supermarket or waiting for a waiter to serve you. Use various toys, magazines corresponding to the level, games with letters and words, magnetic boards
  4. Read to your children aloud. This would be very helpful if your child is very young to read himself. Listening to the language every day on a regular basis would train the ear. As it’s been said, children soak up language like sponges. They remember the words you pronounce and are able to retrieve the correct sound from the memory.
  5. Correct the pronunciation. It is very important that the child learns to pronounce sounds and words correctly from the very beginning. Therefore, it is so important to listen carefully to the child during classes, so that you do not have to retrain later.
  6. Keep track of your child’s progress. The point of learning to read is to gradually improve the skill. At first, the child reads by syllables, then reads whole words, but slowly. Gradually, the child increases the speed of reading. It is important to track progress. You can mark the time and count the number of words per minute so that the child does not see it.
  7. Use a variety of modern aids that are really effective and easy to use. While teaching a child to read, it is very important to adhere to a specific plan and learn the skill in accordance with a specific training program and method. Parents may not always be able to develop this program on their own. But fortunately, there are ready-made training courses that are incredibly effective and easy to use.

Computer programs and applications that can be used in any convenient place and at any convenient time significantly facilitate the learning process.

Online computer programs are considered one of the most effective ways of learning to read fast. There are several advantages to choose online courses:

  • they are less expensive than books;
  • they are more effective thanks to the great involvement;
  • they give jaw-dropping results regardless of the initial level;
  • they are flexible in use (in any convenient place and at any convenient time) and have a user-friendly interface;
  • you have an opportunity to use a trial version to make sure it really works.

Children love everything that can be learned using gadgets (smartphones or tablets). That’s another reason why online programs are so effective. Only within one month just «playing» with the smartphone your child can improve his reading ability up to an impressive level. Using such programs even a child of two can start reading as fast as schoolchildren. This does not mean that the child will learn to read without your participation in the process. You will also have to take the time and put in some effort. The rules set out above have not been canceled. It is necessary to study the program regularly (just 15 minutes a day, 3-4 times a week). But you will see the results very fast. The unique technique that is scientifically verified and proved by 36 thousand of children who improved their reading ability with a deep understanding of every word they read is a key to success in the future: a successful career and fulfilling life. And the earlier a child master this vital skill the more successful he becomes.

One such computer program was developed by Mrs. Sarah, an English teacher and a mother of three. Mrs. Sarah had done an excellent job for her two-year-old son to help him to learn to read faster and with an excellent result, she is helping many other children as well. Click here to check it out


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