Attention Creates Interest And Interest Creates Attention

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If you understand this Law of Relativity Parenting becomes easier. Parents play a vital role in improving the focus of their children tremendously. It is not an easy task for parents to control children for improving focus on activities. In general, the parent helps the child to focus and pay attention to any activity. However, many parents find it difficult to guide their children to get results. It is generally seen in all houses in daily activities like asking your child for lunch or dinner. They would not show interest immediately and only after a long persuasion they might take their food. This is due to a lack of interest and attention. It is not a massive issue but parents can make things done favorably through some activities.

In common, an individual has to possess an interest in any task to be performed. If interest is created, automatically focus on a task is assured. So, proper attention is highly necessary for performing a job with a lot of interest. Hence the law of relativity helps interest in focusing on a particular task. This applies to the child for scoring marks in the examination. The child has to take interest in scoring marks and hence the interest makes him attend his studies carefully. The attention on studies would automatically make the child focus intensively.

A parent can understand his child’s interest in watching films and playing video games. The basic understanding is observed by a parent is that the child has focus and attention on watching films and games. The child possesses the interest to watch films and hence he focus on it tremendously. The interesting part of the films makes your child tell the story of the film again and remembering the actors’ names for a long time. Only interest and attention give permanent memory to a person, which is apparent in your child’s case. Hence, it is very clear that attention and interest are closely related to each other.

The child has to possess an interest in any activities to be performed. If the child lacks focus or interest, then the parent must instill these features in the child’s mind. If your child finds very difficult to focus on his tasks, then you can try some intellectual activities for improving. Make the child get things in his mind so easily by breaking his projects into smaller units. If your child is given a project in his school that looks massive to get completed, then the parent has to make it very simple. You can break the tasks into simple chunks so that automatically your child gets interested in it. The interest will later turn your child to focus on the project intensively.

Some researchers say that mindfulness activity helps children focus on studies or any other activities. Hence, a child that performs breathing exercise with full concentration can give better results than any other child. Mindfulness activities help the child to pay attention to his breathing in and out of the task. After some time, his attention on a specific task gets increased thereby better results are obtained. You can create interest in your child to do breathing exercises before any important task.

Essential Law for your children is to Improve the Focus of your child through effective methods. A common mistake done by the parent when their child grows is giving them too many directions. Mother and father direct their child differently and hence the child would get deviated without any results. Instead of different directions, it is better to give your child a specific direction for better attention and focus. Many children do not like overburden and load of their parents directing him to perform best in the class. Instead, leave them freely with a minimum load of instructions for better results. More you pressurize your child least is the result in his life

Your child’s focus is increased tremendously if their interest is motivated by you. Yes, you can speak with them about any task or study activity instead of commending them or yelling at them. It is assured that your child would pay attention to the goal if he is given friendly chatting and explanation about any process. You should make them understand their roles and work in society. The long you spoon-feed the child would not get interested or focus on studies. Hence, give them independence and develop them as matured individuals instead of like a key toy.

As an intellectual parent, you can speak their languages for performing their activities with a lot of interest. For example, if your child has a massive interest in watching superheroes’ films then you ask request them to attend their daily routine activities like the superhero. This request in line with their interests would motivate them to do things very fast and attentively. The motivated child would always have a great focus on his task without any error. Hence, they should have an interest in any task they are asked to perform. So, you can request them through their languages and interests for performing better.

Not only creating interest in your child is the duty of the child, but giving your child the best environment is inevitable. Yes, interest in studies is created if your child has a good home environment without any noise. It is apparent that a child is unable to concentrate or focus in a cluttered and noisy atmosphere. As a parent, you have got full authority for giving a good atmosphere so that his interest and focus increased a lot. You need to pave way for his successful life by laying a calm road for him to travel calmly without any disturbance. The peaceful atmosphere would automatically give excellent results to your child by improving his focus and interest.

A child’s mind would tend to get deviated after some time of intensive focus. His interest gets drifted away and hence he needs someone like you, especially parent to make him focus again. You should not order your child when his mind gets deviated and instead touch him mildly on his shoulder. This would remind him of the essential duties he has. Some teachers are performing the same activity in the school.

Controlling emotions in our life is not an easy task, even adults find it difficult. You should be a well-structured for instilling the same in your child during the emotional disturbance. As an adult, you know many things in life for controlling bad emotions and tears. However, you should possess basic etiquettes when you try to teach your child to control their emotions. You should practice different techniques like deep breathing whenever your child is emotionally disturbed due to some issues. Else, you can train him to face bad incidents in life very bravely without running away from it. You can also teach him to feel better during serious emotional disturbances. Make your child say “everything will become better” or “take it easy formula” or “go ahead life is to move on”.

The above method of motivating your child to control his emotional disturbance is not an easy task. This is because your child would easily disturb even for silly issues he comes across. So, say some positive words to him which he has to understand very deeply. Hence, you should not speak any negative words or feel bad in front of him when you come across serious problems in your life. This is because your child would follow you straightly and so pretend at least that you are not bothered about any issues in your life. Your child has to be focused and feel light in his early stages of life only if he is surrounded by positive vibration

Understanding the relationship between attention and interest is very important. You cannot force your child for studying unless he has an interest in it. To create interest, your child should have full attention on it. Complete attention creates interest automatically since his mind focuses on studies from not deviation. Attention is focusing on a single thing with full concentration and hence your child’s attention creates the interest which would yield good results. Interest is a permanent tendency that enhances mental power still more. This tendency makes your child develop interest and be attentive to his work.

As a parent, if you clearly understand the Relativity for the future, then it becomes easy for making your child feel better. You should prepare your child not only for studies but for any situation through interest and attention. If you are well versed and qualified in creating interest and attention in your child, then your child’s life becomes topnotch without a second thought.

Give your child the support needed whenever he or she feels down. Speak to him positively and let him come out of the trouble without spending too much of time. Never hesitate to praise your child whenever he achieves or tries to achieve something. Your words of appreciation or encouragement would make your child still better emotionally and intellectually. Your full attention to your child would make his life better and exemplary in all aspects.

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