Unearth Your Child’s Natural Instinct Through Activities

Unearth Your Child's Instinct

Are you a parent having one or more children? If so, how you are nurturing your child, I mean are you putting massive efforts on your child’s growth? If yes, what is your understanding of your child during the growth period? Do you allow your child to trust his instincts or not? If yes, what way and if no why? Have you understood about your child knows and not doing that? Have you understood the merits and demerits of your child’s knowledge and not knowing? Did you ever come up with solutions or ideas for the same? I request you to analyze these questions first for your child’s life and development in all aspects. If you ignore, then your child’s progress will not be fine as expected by you and society.

The parent-child relationship is a natural bond and not created by artificial means. It is innate and cannot be judged easily by others. Effective parenting is very important to the future of the child, but not very strictly. Both risks and benefits are normally associated with the parent-child relationship, nothing can be predicted. To create positive effects on the child, the parents’ role is paramount without a second thought. Self-regulation of parenting is an important feature of child development. A 360-degree parenting control proves best for your child’s development in all aspects. Your child should learn things not to do and to do activities taught by you naturally.

Parenting is not only developing your child physically, but also involves emotionally, and intellectually. Also, parenting is very important for a child’s social development without fail. As a parent, you should not shy away from your responsibilities while taking care of your child. You are everything to them and the proper growth of the child is directly proportional to your care and performance as a parent. You should have a close watch during your child’s growth and have to know theirs knows in the daily walk of life. You should teach your child about to do’s and not to do’s in this world based on their instincts. Yes, it is truly a child develops instincts since birth and you should respect the same without any control

Controlling your child unnecessarily would lead to major disaster and children would lose their individuality. An individual who is losing individuality would lose his life which is known to us. This is the same to the child also and hence nurtures your child’s individuality so that the child will learn a lot individually. You should not always give instructions to your child in all activities of daily life. This type of parenting not only collapse the child’s interest but its future also. Only a child that has freedom of doing what it thinks can come up in life so accurately. However, freedom to the child can be controlled by you in an exemplary way. Only restricted freedom produces productive citizens in this world.

The basic rule of parenting is making a child understand on own instinct and not by others’ direction. This has to be instilled into the minds of a child while it grows which will produce a lot of positive results. You need not worry about your child’s mistake when it starts doing activities either small or big. Give your child space to think, react and do activities in daily life. If you are successful at making your child realizing in his or her level of understanding then you are a successful parent. Simply, your child should acquire the feature of self-realization of his or her level. Self-realization is very important at the earlier stage of child development. This basic feature would give your child the knowledge of what to do and what not to do. Please do not handhold your child at every activity which would never allow your child to think wisely. Leave your child free and let your child think and decide on his or her own. Risk makes your child’s life brisk and hence never worries about the negative results of the child’s activities.

It is highly important to teach your children to believe and depend on their instincts without any fear. Fear is the major factor that makes your child deviate from fact. The fear factor comes from a parent like you since his birth. Yes, you would have made warning your child now and then for both silly and serious activities. Hence, your child automatically develops fear and in turn, it collapses your child’s way of thinking and doing activities. Even your child has good instinct, but the fear factor makes him or her from not doing excellent activities due to fear. Please bear in your mind that fear should not overrule your child’s instinct factor. Instead, advise politely your child to trust his instinct so that he or she can execute doings further.

If we analyze the disadvantages of your child knows and they are not doing it, then you will understand the real problem. Yes, if your child is not doing as per your instinct then it is not growing really. You can expect only physical growth, but intellectual and social growth is restricted for your child. You might worry about my conclusion and I request you to understand completely. This is not my conclusion and it is purely research of child caretakers in this world. Coach or teach your child on individual instinct so that he or she could understand the risk of life when activities are executed. It makes your child self-reliant and it would not depend upon you for every activity. You need to show the way of independent thinking and reasoning so that your child would compete enough without fear in this world. Only a courageous child can face the world in the future in an exemplary way.

Never deny anything in your child’s life about doing anything unsafe, but not life-threatening. Let your child give a chance to proceed so that your child will learn about do’s and don’ts in life. Please understand that your child will learn a lot only if he or she is involved fully both physically and mentally. In case you direct them or involved in her of his activity partially or fully, it will spoil her or his learning outcome. The outcome of any activity is dependent upon any inputs and those inputs should be independent. Your child instinct would give the way for accomplishing the task. In case of positive results, your child is sailing in the correct direction and case of negative results, it is learning. Hence, your child does not lose anything out of performing any task doing by their instincts. Please understand that none can achieve any task without risk and at least some negative results. If you want to save your child predicting negative outcomes out of an activity, then your child does not grow intellectually and only physical growth is seen. This is the major disadvantage of to know and not to do for your child. Don’t allow the child to forget their natural instructs of knowing to feel in them at any cost. Allow them to feel the instincts that are naturally inborn in them.

As an adult and experienced parent, you know that you are not going to be with your children forever by protecting them from danger. So, teach them to cope with the natural process of daily life bravely and tell them to go with their instinct. This is the major duty of parents which they identify their child from not doing as per instincts. Never be strict when you deal with your child’s likes and dislikes. So, you can interact with them about their likes and dislikes to understand. Give them a situation or any difficult circumstances they might come across in the coming days and how to deal with them. This would make them feel and understand the reality of life by their instincts.

You can direct them on their emotions in an exact way so that your child can deal with tough situations easily. Emotional changes are big as the child grows and hence gives them a chance to understand it during a crisis. Always put an ear to their values and inputs by your child in any case. If you neglect their opinions then they will not interact with you at important occasions of life. Please give maximum importance and attention to their inputs and thoughts so that they feel comfortable and will disclose any challenges to you when they grow as an adult.

Another important duty of parenting is instilling nice habits for the child. The child’s habits should be mentally hygienic and hence give them health advice for their life. So, train them about self-protection and teach them to believe their natural feelings. Even the child’s discomfort has to be given importance by you. Your child feels good only if you (parents) show the signs of acknowledgment at any period of life. You have to be focused when you teach your kids to listen to their instinct. One more important thing is that you have to be a role model for your child in all aspects.


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