What Can Make Parents Happy?

Happy Parenting

One thing that will surely make parents happy is seeing their children raised to be a good person. Not just seeing them as an adult who is a member of the society, functioning within the community, but an adult who is a conscientious being. Parents want their children, in particular, to succeed in life, but what kind of success? Is it the success with a flashy car, or fancy houses and many bank accounts? But would that spell happiness to a parent? At the top of the list is for parents to see their children happy? What kind of happiness? Is it the happiness where their children rarely visit them because their children are enthusiastically touring different countries, or perhaps gaining a vast piece of land and no longer have time to check on their parents? That would surely be a gloomy sight.

Everything starts at home. That is the major belief of many. That is the standard of raising your children, that for you to raise a child well you need to start it at home. You need to start where it is the most meaningful because home is where children learn to understand love. Love of their parents and the love of their family.

Because it is at home where parents show love for their children. Children were shown love by other people that surround them. Parents showed Love to them at every turn growing up, not just love but also compassion.

Parents taught their children numerous learnings while growing up, and these will provide an impact on the children’s whole being.

What are some helpful tips for parents to raise well-rounded children?

Parents need to establish a support system that is solid and stable for their children. That way the children will feel confident knowing they have a family they belong to, a family to whom they will turn to, and parents who will support them whatever happens.

Parents need to show love and compassion within their homes. Making their children know that it is the most important aspect of being.

Parents need to praise their children. Parents need to boost the morale of their children by praising them at the right time and for the right reason.

Children should get encouragement from their parents. Parents should encourage their children to do what they like as long as it is not out of norms. Encourage them to do what they love. To follow their passion. Since children have different inclinations and may excel in other activities, not just excel in their studies.

Parents should not force their children. They should not force children to do what they don’t enjoy doing. Maybe, once or twice they will follow their parents for fear of disappointing them but in the long run, will just end negatively.

Parents can do well to read parenting books that have well-meaning advice and tips such as the Living Well Kids offering of E-book for parents.

There are different titles under this parenting book that help you with raising your kids. Here are just some titles of these E-books just to name a few;

Rearing Your Kids in a Harmonious Way by Avoiding Devastating Phrases.

Where the author states that your words have a disastrous effect on your children. That sometimes parents forget how important it is to choose the right words to say and when to say it. Sometimes parents with their need to encourage their children to do one thing may say words or phrases that may do well left unsaid. Some parents cannot understand that their words affect their children, that good words will give beneficial effects, but awful words would have a devastating outcome on their children in the long run.

Then there is another title, 7 Hacks to Discover a True Potential in Your Child: A guidebook to discover your children’s hidden potential (talks about tips to discover your children’s potential or where she excels). Tips on how the parent can help overcome weaknesses to uncover hidden talents.

Here are some benefits of reading this E-book:

  1. Parents will get some knowledge and understanding of Child Psychology.
  2. The book is a reminder for parents to take a calm, not just friendly approach in every given situation.
  3. Less stress in parenting.
  4. As parents use some conditions or tips from this book, their children will understand self-discipline.
  5. Stronger and loving bonds between parents and children.

Another title of the E-book is Smiley Kids with Loving Guardians: 8 Highly Effective Ways to Grow the Kids with all the Joy.

Discusses how parents can help their children grow to be happy, knowing their strengths and weaknesses and surpassing those weaknesses. This E-book will help parents with some meaningful advice on how to let their children grow happy and contented, children who have their individuality. Parents will help their children grow confident and have the realization of what joys life can bring.

These E-book entitled 6 Scenarios Where Your Parenting Might Fail.

Talks about some guidelines on how parents can improve their parenting style. There are 6 scenarios where the author expands and explains further to assist the parents. It also explains that it is not just the basic needs that we need to address in our children, but also their whole well being. Right in this E-book the author methodically expands on ways parents might jeopardize their chances of having children that are happy and whole. Meaning, children are unhappy with the way their parents reared them, and parents not knowing why.

Here below are the benefits of reading this E-book as discussed by the author:

  1. The E-book discusses taking a calm approach when facing their children. The friendly approach would benefit their children more compared to a frustrated and unloving attitude.
  2. Parenting is not completely stress-free but can be so in the long run if parents follow the right advice and tips.
  3. Children will have the chance to learn self-discipline with the help of their parents.
  4. Parents and children will enjoy a more loving connection for years to come.

The purity of Energy Between Parents and Child.

The author discussed the Pure Energy that connects children to their parents and vice versa. There is an unseen connection between them that parents know how to connect with. Talks about the need for parents to keep the love connection that is connecting them to their children free from distractions like problems and frustrations. According to the author, the purity of the energy should be cherished. Discussed surrounding the children with love and not issues that affect the family, so that upon growing up, the children will remember the love, not the problems they faced at home.

Children will be more attuned to the love that was given to them by their parents and will not be focused on what problems there are surrounding them. It is how parents positively use this energy to have children that are loving and happy.

How can you raise happier children?

There are many advice and tips on how we can raise happy children, here are some examples below.

  1. Be a happy parent. As parents, they teach you to be responsible and serious about life because you have to be responsible and take care of your children, but that should not always be the case. How can you face responsibility if you are always feeling stressed out and gloomy, surely that is not a good combination seeing that your children follow what you do and you are their example? Hence, seeing you as a happy parent who cracks and laugh at jokes and make fun of yourself once in a while, will surely raise pleasant and jolly children.
  2. Teach your children with good relationships with others. It will benefit your children in the long run if they know how to reach out to others, how to communicate with them and foster a positive relationship with other children, it teaches them to build a good relationship when they are adults.
  3. Always be a parent who appreciates the effort of your children. Overachieving parents expect an overachieving child as well if this is not met some parents get disappointed with their children, which should not be the case. You are a different person to that of your children. They have potential and own weaknesses. Hence, this potential should be practiced and children’s weaknesses should not be mocked.
  4. Teach your children to react positively to every situation. By doing so, you are teaching your children to be adaptable. As children, they will be more prone to looking at the bright side of things and will not get easily discouraged.
  5. Teaching your children to be self-disciplined. It is for their benefit if they learn about self-discipline at an early age. To take the test and trials in life positively. Meaning, let them understand that not every problem they face in life will impact them badly. Teach them that sometimes problems are just a test for them to be more resilient in life.


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