9 Tips for Healthy and Effective Parenting:The 9th is very important!

9 tips for parenting
Being a good mom or dad is easier said than done. Parenting perhaps is the hardest no-salary job in this world. No matter who you are, may you be a billionaire. the President of a specific country, a doctor, or a lawyer-parenting will always be a challenge for you. Parenting cannot be learned by the books but it can be easier if someone gives you hints on how to do things. Today we will give you some useful tips that will make you a better parent for your kids

Tips for Healthy and Effective Parenting

1.Do not impose your will on the child, guide him or her instead

Parenting is not about making a carbon copy of yourself out of your kids. To put it simpler, it is not your job as a parent to make your kids exactly like you but instead to develop them as a better version of who you are. Child development is about letting young ones decide who they want to be. If you keep imposing what you want on your children, then such is impossible and you are holding them back instead. Guide children your sons and daughters to become helpful individuals in society, let them pursue what’s truly good for them, and help them realize that doing unnecessary and or self- destructing behaviors will ultimately ruin their future

2 Be the cool mom or dad that they always wanted to have

Be part of your children’s endeavors and interests. If they don’t want to do things that interest you, then you should join them on things that interest them instead. Take time to spend some time playing computer games, sports, and hiking activities with them. Do not kill the fun by being that mom or dad where almost all things that young ones do is bad for their children. Be cool and be that fun outgoing parent who is always up for the game.

3.Try to listen before reacting

One of the main reasons why kids find it hard to talk about their problems to their parents is that moms or dads do not let kids finish what they have to say. When kids talk about their problems in school or a particular situation parents always react severely that kids find it hard to continue expressing themselves. Effective parents avoid this and listen thoroughly before reacting instead. A great parent is one who listens before he or she talks-you should be like this. Hear your child’s story and let them know that you are there to listen if they have problems that are troubling them.

4.Let Your Kids Know About Their Value

Healthy and effective parenting is about letting your kid know that they are valuable not only for you but to others as well. Successful child development is easier achieved if parents know how to make children their value in this world. That is-they know how to make their child realize that they are unique and irreplaceable. You can do this by giving them praise no matter how big or small their accomplishments are. Kids feel more important if someone acknowledges their little efforts

5. Avoid comparing your kids to others

Do not compare your children to others. If you think that doing this inspires them to become better by looking at others as role models, then you are absolutely wrong. Comparison only makes children feel belittled, unworthy, insignificant and incompetent and contributes them to grow as ill-mannered adults. As a parent, you should know that no two kids are similar. Each and every child have unique talents and capabilities which make them special. 4

6. Always be positive

There are times when children seem to think that the whole world is against them. Do not add to the weight that your children feel by reprimanding them about the negative traits that they have. You should try to be positive and encourage them yourself. As a parent, it is your duty to teach your children that life is all about looking at the good things that are about to come. Teach your children to be strong and be individuals who face challenges head-on while wearing a smile on their faces

7.Do not give children too much leisure

As a parent and an adult, you should have realized by now that the things that make people grow to be dignified are those things that make them cry and feel the hardships that life has to offer. Surely you love your kids so much that you don’t want them to face problems or hardships as they grow. For example, you may answer their assignment yourself or you may clean up after they are done playing. Doing this is wrong. You are teaching your children to be lazy and irresponsible people. Let them figure things out for themselves. Only provide hints and let them do their homework. Teach them the value of doing housework. Make them realize that as they grow, they can only depend on themselves to be successful.

8.Understand the fact that “kids” don’t stay as “kids”

You should understand the fact that kids will eventually grow up to spread their horizons. As they grow you should accept the fact that they will have to things that do not involve you anymore. Do not be strict and force them to stay at home or choose their friends for them. Healthy and effectiveparenting is all about you understanding the fact that kids will eventually meet new people and learn afew things from them. As these happens all you can do is give them care, understanding, and support.

9.Teach your kids the value of EDUCATION

Always teach your kids the value of education. You should make your kids realize that education allows them to beget represent and teaches them to respect others. Education helps you in disciplining your kids to be helpful individuals in the community that you can be proud of. Also, the school helps your kids to develop their unique talents in sports, music, and the arts. Healthy and effective parenting is about you letting your kids receive the gift that quality education has to offer.

Parenting is one task that no one can master. There are many different ways to be an effective and healthy parent for your children. You can utilize the tips mentioned here so you can come up with a unique formula on parenting that every parent should follow.


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